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Cycling: Pro Tips & Tricks

If you want to make the grade when it comes to cycling like a pro, follow these tips from experts in the know:

cycling sunscreen

Train Properly, and Pace Yourself

When you’re riding a big event, you can get caught up in the excitement and start too fast. Be careful not to expend your energy at the beginning of the ride. And remember it’s not all physical – there’s mental training to do as well. Know that you’ll experience emotional highs and lows during your ride, and the expectation will help you get through them.

Prepare for the Weather

If it rains, you’ll need a waterproof jacket. Use overshoes and waterproof socks, and consider gloves to keep your hands warm. Waterproof bib tights can also help during rain and cold. If you are riding in wintry conditions, boots and overtrousers may help. A hat or cap under your helmet can keep rain out and warm your noggin. And don’t forget that heat and sun can also provide less-than-optimal conditions. Wear a broad-spectrum water-resistant sunscreen and sunglasses for glare, such as SolRx with WATERBLOCK Technology.

Keep Your Bike Maintained and Adjusted

Make sure your bike is in tip-top shape. Use mudguards and lights if you’re riding in wet or dark conditions. Adjust your saddle to make sure it’s at the right height – if it is, your heel should just graze the pedal at the bottom of the pedal stroke. Make sure your wheels spin straight and don’t rub the brakes; use lube (but not too much) on the chain. Know how to change a flat.

Eat Well, Drink Water

If you’re in a race, don’t eat anything unusual on the day before the race. You don’t want to experiment just before an important event. Do make sure you have enough of the right nutrients and proteins to give you healthy energy for the race. Also, stay hydrated. If you’re using a water bottle during an event, keep your eyes on the road, and don’t drink as you go through potentially tricky areas.

Develop Your Technique

The idea is to look and feel at one with your bike. It’s best to keep yourself in good physical condition, which helps your steadiness during climbs, and to be confident in your bike-handling, which is important during descents. Make sure you can use your gears efficiently, so as not to lose momentum and energy. Anticipate. Stay loose, since this can help you lower your center of gravity during descents, and can keep your muscles from seizing up. If you practice regularly, your muscle memory will help make the process easier.

And, most of all, enjoy the ride! Cycling is a healthy physical activity that’s great for your legs while staying easy on your joints and feet. It’s a good way of experiencing the outdoors and getting to know a place, and the sense of freedom you experience is like no other.

SolRx Sponsors Team Dimension Data for Quebeka

SolRx is now the official sunscreen for Team Dimension Data for Quebeka, the South African road cycling team.Team Dimension Data

The team is one of 18 confirmed World Tour teams for 2016, has a history that dates back to 2007. That’s when it was founded as MTN-Quebeka, sponsored by a South African cellular phone network provider. A year later, it became a Union Cycliste International Continental Team, and remained so until 2012. After that, it was registered as a Professional Continental Team, and became the first such team from Africa. In 2015 MTN ended its sponsorship, and global information technology company Dimension Data has helped forge a new team from the old.

As MTN-Quebeka, Team Dimension Data has had some prominent successes. Gerald Ciolek won Milan-San Remo in 2013, and the team got its first Grand Tour wildcard for the 2014 Vuelta a España. The team made history as the first registered team from Africa to take part in the 2015 Tour de France. There, Steve Cummings won in the first stage of the tour, stage 14 of Mandela Day. The team won a second Grand Tour stage victory at the 2015 Vuelta a España thanks to Kristian Sbaragli.

Team Dimension Data for Quebeka

The new Team Dimension Data was created last year to reflect the new sponsorship. The name change displays the team’s support of Quebeka, World Bicycle Relief’s South African program. Quebeka gives bicycles to people in need in order to help improve communities, the environment, and individual growth.

Team Dimension Data for Quebeka is now one of the UCI’s confirmed World Tour teams for 2016, which means it will compete in 28 road cycling events throughout the men’s cycling season. The season started with the Tour Down Under on January 19, and ends this October 9 with a team time trial at the World Championships. This is the eighth edition of the UCI’s ranking system.

Members of Team Dimension Data

International Team Dimension Data members include:

  • Igor Anton (ESP)
  • Natnael Berhane (ERI)
  • Edvald Boasson Hagen (NOR)
  • Theo Bos (NED)
  • Matthew Brammeier (IRL)
  • Mark Cavendish (GBR)
  • Stephen Cummings (GBR)
  • Mekseb Debesay (ERI)
  • Nicolas Dougall (RSA)
  • Bernhard Eisel (AUT)
  • Tyler Farrar (USA)
  • Omar Fraile (ESP)
  • Nathan Haas (AUS)
  • Jacques Janse van Rensburg (RSA)
  • Reinardt Janse van Rensburg (RSA)
  • Songezo Jim (RSA)
  • Merhawi Kudus (ERI)
  • Cameron Meyer (AUS)
  • Adrien Niyonshuti (RWA)
  • Serge Pauwels (BEL)
  • Youcef Reguigui (ALG)
  • Mark Renshaw (AUS)
  • Kristian Sbaragli (ITA)
  • Kanstantsin Siutsou (BLR)
  • Daniel Teklehaimanot (ERI)
  • Jay Thomson (RSA)
  • Johann van Zyl (RSA)
  • Jaco Venter (RSA)

SolRx, with its high-performance, broad-spectrum sunscreen, is proud to sponsor these elite cyclists as they compete in many different weather conditions around the world.