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Long Lasting Sun Protection For Days on the Links

Sunscreen for Golfers

If you’re a golfer, you know it’s important to protect your skin with sunscreen, since you spend so many hours on the course in pursuit of par excellence.

Because your skin – or nose, face, neck, arms, lips – is exposed to the sun so often, there’s a danger that you’ll develop conditions like melanoma and skin cancer. But, we understand that you don’t want to sacrifice a stroke because you had to slather on a greasy sunscreen formula. This means you’ve got to be picky about your sun protection, so pick SolRx.

Broad Spectrum, Water-Resistant Sun Protection

SolRx products offer broad-spectrum sun protection, so that you’re protected both from sunburn-inducing UVB rays and skin-damaging UVA rays. In addition, our sunscreens are water-resistant without being drying. They’re specially formulated to wick away sweat and water, which keeps you comfortable and makes sure your vision is clear. Our water resistant sunscreens have been tested and proven effective through immersion testing to truly protect from the sun for defined periods of time.

Non-Greasy, No-Slip Formulation

SolRx products are oil-free, so they don’t feel greasy, and paraben-free, so they don’t hurt your eyes. As a result, your grip will remain tight even when you have sunscreen on, giving you an advantage on the green. And you’ll be able to aim with accuracy even when your competitors are struggling to view the hole through sweat-fogged vision. SolRx sport sunscreens feel clean and dry when they go on, and then they last all day.

Flexibility with Stick, Dry Spray, or Lotion

Because SolRx products come in different types of formulations, you can pick the type that’s right for you. They all offers similar levels of protection and water resistance, and make it possible for you to perform at a high level no matter what sport you’re playing.

Our rub-on Zinc stick is great for quick touch-ups, and the SPF 50 dry spray works well for bare arms and legs as well as heads of hair. The lotion, applied generously and with care, can offer comprehensive, all-over protection.

Sun protection is important, so don’t skimp. As a golfer, you’re out in the sun for long hours at a time, and the last thing you need is to be distracted by concerns about dangerous sun exposure.

On the other hand, you need a sunscreen that won’t interfere with your ability to drive the ball towards the green, or make precise putts. SolRx is thoughtfully formulated with you in mind, and can help protect you whether you’re an elite athlete or a recreational weekend player.

The Benefits of Zinc Oxide Sunscreen

SPF 50 Zinc Oxide SunscreenIt’s finally summertime! Time to hit the beach, play outdoor sports, or enjoy music festivals and food fairs all over town.

But remember, if you don’t protect your skin from harmful UV rays, being out and about might take a toll on your body that lasts long past the summer season. Sun protection can’t be an afterthought — consider using a zinc sunscreen to protect yourself.

What is Zinc Oxide Sunscreen and How Does it Work?

Zinc oxide is one of 17 ingredients approved by the Federal Drug Administration for use in sunscreens. This is because the zinc oxide particles (often in the form of nano-particles) rest on the outermost layer of skin, where they scatter, reflect, and absorb ultraviolet radiation.

This protects the lower layers of skin from UVA, UVB, and UVC rays from the sun, making zinc oxide a broad-spectrum blocking agent.

Why Should I Purchase Zinc Oxide Sunscreen?

Because zinc oxide is a metal that’s been oxidized, sunscreens containing it, such as SolRx’s SPF 50 Zinc Sunscreen and Zinc Sunscreen Face Stick, are considered mineral rather than chemical, and are therefore more natural than most of the sunscreens currently on the market.

That makes it better for your body and better for the environment. When zinc oxide is the active ingredient in sunscreen, it can be safe and effective without introducing chemicals to your skin.

Are there any Concerns in Using Zinc Sunscreens?

Zinc oxide is very safe; you may have already encountered it in topical ointments such as calamine lotion and diaper creams. The main disadvantage to Zinc Sunscreens is that you generally have to use more of it to get to a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 30, than you would with other sport sunscreens.

This makes zinc oxide sunscreens more expensive in the long run. Also, zinc generally shows up white on skin instead of clear, and the more you use, the more the whitening effect, and some people don’t like that.

Ultimately, to get the best protection from the sun you should utilize a combination of strategies – including covering up with clothing and staying in the shade. If you are going to expose skin, zinc oxide sunscreen can provide a natural and beneficial alternative to chemical sunscreens, and offer a very effective amount of protection from dangerous UV rays.