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After Sun Care: Aloe After Sun Gel & Lotion by SolRx

A Quality After Sun Skin Care Products for the Beach or Slopes!

After a day spent in the sun, it is extremely important to moisturize and hydrate with after sun care products. SolRx After Sun Care Aloe Gel is perfect after days in the sun or during dry winter weather. The sun, salt water, wind and cold can have damaging effects on your skin, especially over time, if it is not taken care of even with the use of a daily moisturizer.

SolRx After Sun Skin Care Gel is perfect for skin on your feet especially after a day at the beach. A day with your feet in the sand can make your feet feel great, but if they are not properly moisturized afterwards, they can end up being a mess of dead, dry skin. Our after sun gel is also perfect for your hands and body, especially after a dry, windy day on the slopes and your hands are feeling dry and cracky.

Soothing, Organic After Sun Care Gel

Our After Sun Care Gel has a mild “fresh and clean” fragrance and goes on light and clean. It is perfect for after a fun day on the slopes or on the beach to just apply then go on to have a fun night out. Nobody wants to feel sticky or rubbery feel after a day at the beach with a great tan. Our Aloe After Sun Care Gel is soothing when applied and healing when left on.

SolRx After Sun Care Aloe is made with Certified Organic Aloe gel and has no colorants added. It is also environmentally friendly, so you can take care of your skin while being mindful of the environment that you love to play in.