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SolRx Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen

UVA/UVB Protective SPF 30 Sunscreen for Athletes

Specially designed for athletes, SolRx SPF 30 sunscreen is great for anyone who loves the outdoors, especially those with fair or sensitive skin. SPF 30 water resistant sunscreen cuts out 97% of UVB rays which causes sunburn and can potentially lead to skin cancer. It also protects against harmful UVA rays which can lead to signs of premature aging like wrinkling and sun spots.

Our SPF 30 is also great for thinner skin, like your lips. Your lips require more SPF because they are much more sensitive than any other part of your body. Furthering its usage for people with sensitive skin, SolRx SPF 30 sunscreen is oil free, paraben free, and when you work up a sweat, it won’t burn your eyes.

SPF 30 Sunscreen with Broad Spectrum Protection

With SolRx SPF 30 broad spectrum sunscreen’s low SPF, the UVA/UVB ratio is more balanced which means that it will protect your skin more effectively. In order to supply broad spectrum protection, the sunscreen’s UVA protection needs to be at least 1/3 of the UVB protection. If the SPF is over 30, your sunscreen loses the ability to provide broad spectrum protection because of a deficit in UVA protection.

SolRx SPF 30 sunscreen has the perfect combination of UVA and UVB protection for broad spectrum defense, which makes it perfect for athletes and sunbathers with sensitive skin. That’s why SolRx is the leading sport sunscreen among athletes and other outdoor enthusiasts.