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SolRx Zinc Oxide Sunscreen Designed for Athletes

Get Leading UVA Protection with Zinc Oxide Sunscreen

Unlike regular sunscreens, SolRx’s Dry Zinc Oxide Sunscreen blocks the sun’s rays, rather than reflecting them. Regular sport sunscreens absorb into the skin in order to start working. Dry Zinc Oxide Sunscreen sits on the surface of your skin to physically block the sun, which is why most labels say to apply it about 20 minutes before sun exposure.

SolRx Dry Zinc sunscreen was developed specifically for use athletes on their faces, hands, ears, and bodies. Our Zinc oxide sunscreen goes on clear and oil free with a matte finish so athletes can focus on play and exercise, instead of how pale they look.

Convenient, Long Lasting Zinc Sunscreen

Dry Zinc Oxide sunscreen by SolRx is water resistant and covers extremely well with minimal amount applied. In fact, for frequent users, one 3 oz. tube should cover the face for approximately 2 months. With such a long-lasting and small bottle, it makes it easy to bring SolRx Dry Zinc sunscreen wherever you go, ensuring that you will always be protected from the sun’s harsh UVA/UVB rays.

Dry Zinc Oxide sunscreen is one of SolRx’s best-selling products, and we pride ourselves on being the leader in Zinc sunscreen for athletes and lifeguards around the world. Away are the days of white noses and ears, but with SolRx Dry Zinc Oxide, you can still count on the same great UVA/UVB protection.