SolRx Sport Sunscreen Product Features

8-Hour Immersion Tested

SolRX asked AMA Testing Labs to create a test that would measure the performance of our WATERBLOCK® Sport Sunscreen for athletes. 

SolRX specified that the test must be “tougher than that of the FDA or any other governmental agency in the world, and was intended to measure the product’s SPF rating AFTER 8 HOURS IN THE WATER.

AMA Labs confirmed SolRX WATERBLOCK® sport sunscreen as being water resistant for an 8 hour period of time.

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UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum Defense

At SolRX, we are the sports sunscreen that athletes count on for maximum protection from UVA/UVB rays. 

We offer a full line of Broad Spectrum sunscreen with UVA/UVB defense including our Spray Dry, Dry Zinc, and Original WATERBLOCK® Formula. 

So when you're competing out on the court, course, road, or water, be sure to protect your skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays with the Broad Spectrum Defense that comes from SolRX athletic sunscreens. 

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Eco-Friendly & Reef Safe Sunscreen

SolRX sport sunscreen has been tested by the industry's leading provider of SPF waterproof testing. 

Scientifically, it is impossible for the sunscreen to deposit on the reef if it is on the skin, and evidence that it remains on the skin is borne out by the SPF rating remaining constant throughout the testing.

Conclusion: our sunscreen for athletes remains on the wearer for 8 hours and provides 97% or more of its SPF protection that entire time.

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