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"Thanks Tim & Enrique Mercado -this sunscreen is the bomb!! I pretty much never use sunscreen (and I KNOW it's ridiculously stupid) but I don't like sweltering under usually greasy product & it runs into my eyes & stings. I saw SolRX at the #stanthonystri expo & used it before the bike & run. NO bothersome after issues AND NO sunburn! I'M NOW HOOKED!!!". -Susan Haag – Record Holder for the Most Ironmans Completed


"I do believe that this is an ultimate test for your product. On sailing vessels people can cover up. In Iron man events you can largely cover up. In swimming 12 miles around Key West in the swimmers your skin is exposed to very harsh sun rays. Solo swimmers cannot cover up. Our time limit is 8 hours to complete the swim. I used the SolRX as my sole sunblock. I used the matte zinc SPF 50". - Highly Recommended by Bill Welzien – Multi-Champion of Swim Around Key West


"Boy oh boy! I'm impressed with your product. I suffered NO sunburn on Sunday even with a 09:52 start! It's definitely a staple now in my marathon bag but also the first thing I will pack for ironman 70.3!" - Review by Estelle Geerkens


"Thank you thank you....bought sunscreen from you on Friday...the original and the zinc.....my daughter applied at 6am....but with cramps and a flat tire...she didn't think to apply again....she did the race in 6 hrs (her first race) and she never burnt...nor did I with the zinc (was a spectator)...thank you thank you...brilliant product." - Review by Bev Trusler


"We are hosting the world championships for underwater hockey in Stellenbosch South Africa in an open swimming pool. We need protection from the sun for the athletes. have tested your product and it was the best in that the product does not get into the water or rub off easily. The reason the reason why that is important is that we broadcast the games live and if the water gets polluted with chemicals the visuals of the games becomes very bad and blurry. To ensure water stay clear we would like to use a product that works well. SPF 50 works the best. " -  Review by Jack


"I never do this, but I feel the need to write to you to tell you how amazing I think your product is. First off, thank you for giving me exactly the information that I needed when I wrote in to you on your website. It's so helpful to know when you are ordering a new product online that there is someone available to answer your questions. Great customer service!! Secondly, I am an open water marathon swimmer and yesterday I successfully competed in my first 12.5-mile Swim Around Key West. With such a strong sun that close to the equator and over 5 hours of swimming to do in it with my back face up, sun protection was a major concern of mine before the swim. I watched as everybody else in the race slathered on their paste white Zinc Oxide with rubber gloves before the race - some swimmers even required 2 people to help get the zinc applied. I know that the zinc will completely block the sun's rays, but it's also nearly impossible to remove from your skin and will permanently stain your swim suit. Plus, the other swimmers all looked like white zombies before the race all covered in the stuff. So without wanting to go through the hassle of using vegetable oil to take zinc off my skin after my swim, without wanting to ruin my swim suit and without wanting to look like a ghost pre-race, I turned to SolRX. I used the 8-hour waterproof SPF 50 for my swim, and I couldn't be happier with how it performed. I slathered on a couple of layers pre-race to be absolutely sure that I was protected, and I was one of only few people to not utilize zinc oxide.


Not only do I not have any sunburns after spending over 5 hours in the direct Key West sun under the salt water, but I actually got a nice tan during the race! That's a win-win, if you ask me. And I didn't have to look like a zinc covered ghost before and after the race, either. Cleanup was easy - just a shower with soap and water and my skin felt great. My suit also looks great post-race; no stains or marks anywhere from the sunscreen. I would trust SolRX for anything water-related, and I actually use the SPF 35 for regular days at the beach. With it on, I trust that my skin is protected enough to not be damaged, but know that I am also able to both swim for fun and compete in my sport without having to worry about sun exposure. That's a huge relief. The price is a bit higher than something you would buy at a drug store or grocery store, but for good reason. This stuff is amazing, and you can't put a price on good sun safety. So thank you so much for your wonderful recommendation and your phenomenal product. I wouldn't trust anything else to do the trick at this point. I would, and will, recommend your product to anyone!" - Review by Dani Stein


"Hi, I've been using your SolRX sport sunscreen since 2006 as I suffer terribly from prickly heat especially on my upper chest area. I am a natural redhead with fair freckly skin. Your suncream is a life saver for my holidays and days in the garden." - Review by Wendy


"I met a couple of you at Lanier World. I notice quality in all areas of life, although I am no sunscreen expert. I do know what's the best when I see, hear, or feel it. I was looking for a place for sport sunscreen reviews and testimonials. We swam in the pool for a couple hours after putting on some sunscreen, then went right over to buy some. This stuff is by far the best ever!" -Review by Mike


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