Fall Sports: Football Players & Fans Should Wear Sunscreen

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It’s officially Fall, which means Football season is in full swing. In most areas of the country, the sun isn’t nearly as strong as it can be during the halcyon days of summer. So, it’s excusable to accidentally-on-purpose forget the sunscreen and go without, right?

Nope. No. Not even. NO. A BIG LOT OF NOPE.

Team Advantage: No Sunburn

One great thing about the football season is that it gets everyone outside and active. Spectators get involved and get excited. Players learn about strategy and sportsmanship, and get stronger and tougher. Football can be a great bonding experience. We love that about this all-American sport.

But the sport should to be safe for everyone, in little things as well as big. Sunburn hurts, and it can be distracting for players who need to be thinking about the next play instead. Skin care might not be the most important thing on your mind, but whether you’re watching or playing, your long-term health and conditioning should always be a consideration. Sun protection is an important part of that.

pee wee football

The Curse of the Bizarre Tan Line

The players are wearing all kinds of protective gear. That’s great - they’ll be safe from impacts, bumps, and bruises, as they should be. Helmets and pads and clothing will all protect from the sun, too. But there are gaps. Vents. Places where the pants end but socks haven’t yet begun. Arms exposed past the sleeve. And the sun gets into all those places. Thats why athletes need sunscreen designed for sports.

Fans, too, must deal with farmer-style tans. The weather can be cooler during football season, so we’re more dressed up in pants and jackets and hats for crisp, fall weather. But these strange lines are easy to avoid - all you need is sunscreen on your exposed areas.

Whether you’re a fan or a player, please take sun protection seriously throughout the football season. Keep safe so you can play hard.