Stick It! - Introducing New Zinc SPF 50 Stick Sunscreen

SolRX Face Stick SPF sunscreen. Anti-aging formula is longer lasting and made with zinc oxide.

SolRX, the leader in sport sunscreen for athletes, is excited to unveil our newest product for people who love the outdoors - Zinc Stick!

The new Zinc Stick is a broad spectrum SPF 50 stick sunscreen that goes on clear and doesn't leave any sticky residue! Its compact design and ultimate UVA/UVB protection makes it the must-have carry on sunscreen for golfers, tennis players, and any outdoor lover who needs convenient access to protective sunscreen.

Simply throw it in your golf or tennis bag, your purse or pocket, or in cargo shorts and you'll never be far from the broad spectrum protection you need from the sun's harmful rays. Zinc Stick roll on application makes it perfect for applying long-lasting sunscreen on your arms, hands, face or ears.