Sunscreen for Lips: 5 Reasons Why You Need to Wear It!

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Don’t skip the lips, Wear Lip Sunscreen!

A recent study found that more than 60 percent of sunscreen users don’t protect their lips with a lip sunscreen or lip balm with SPF, but there are many reasons you should wear sunscreen for lips! Here are just a few of the key benefits of sunscreen for lips:

1. Skin Cancer

The media loves to scare you with dire warnings about your health, but in this case, it’s for real. The lip area is ripe for skin cancer, including two of the most common ones - basal and squamous cell carcinoma. If you protect your lips with a lip sunscreen with SPF, you can protect from cancer.

2. Sunburn

The thinner, more delicate skin on your lips is very susceptible to damage caused by UV rays. You know how painful a bad sunburn can be, so do yourself a favor and avoid it!

3. Hydration

Wind, sun, and sea can cause unsightly effects on your lips, such as dryness and chapping. Using lip balm with sunscreen helps keep your lips hydrated and kissable.

4. Healing Benefits

Often, there are additional side-benefits to using sunscreen for lips. The formula includes sunscreen and can help repair redness, cracks, and other issues. It’ll seal in moisture and protect from dry and cold air, as well as sun damage.

5. Other Lip Stuff Won’t Do

Maybe you think a dab of lip-gloss will tie your outfit together wonderfully. It might look good, but it doesn't add any protection from harmful UV rays. In fact, dermatologists believe the shine of lip-gloss actually focuses UV rays on your lips. So don’t do that anymore. Or at least layer a protective lip sunscreen beneath your favorite shade.

Sunscreen for lips often comes in the form of lip balms with SPF, which is great because it means we get moisturizing benefits along with the sun protection. In fact, we get all kinds of benefits, other than the most important - protection from skin cancer - so break out that lip sunscreen. And use it.