AMA Labs Independent Testing


Creation and Development SolRX developed a water-resistance system, later trademarked as WATERBLOCK®, which appeared to be superior to that of other sunscreens in the surf / sport categories at the time.  Seeking to measure just how good the WATERBLOCK® system was, SolRX asked AMA Testing Labs (globally famous for various testing, including SPF) to create a test that would measure the product’s performance. SolRX specified that the test must be “tougher than that of the FDA or any other governmental agency in the world, and was intended to measure the product’s SPF rating AFTER 8 HOURS IN THE WATER (Test was later re-named the “6-Hour Immersion Test,” and lasted 8 Hours total since AMA Labs felt that it was unlikely that anyone would be in and out of water steadily for periods longer than 8 hours).

The test was developed and we submitted our SPF 30 product for testing.  The test was not created to “pat ourselves on the back” for creating a good product, but to learn just how scientifically effective it was.  The summary is that the product surpassed all expectations—even those of AMA Labs’ Owner and GM.  The SPF 30 product rated SPF 35.83 AFTER 8 HOURS IN THE WATER! Testing was completed and the results are available here, on the website.

AMA Labs has confirmed that SolRX WATERBLOCK® system as being water resistant for an 8 hour period of time.  The testing showed that during an 8-hour period, the product will perform at virtually full SPF-rating throughout the test and during a re-SPF test after the 8 hours. Now referred to as “The 6-Hour Immersion Test,” this test method became the industry standard during the 1990s.  SolRX—in all its formulations, categories, and groups—has consistently been rated at the top of the industry.  Perhaps this is the reason that most other sunscreen companies have elected not to post their test results for public viewing.

SolRX’s Mandatory Compliance with FDA Labeling Regulations—Sunscreen Final Rule - Given that the FDA implemented its new Final Rule Labeling Guidelines for OTC Sunscreens, it is important for you as consumers to be aware that the new labeling guidelines DO NOT IMPACT THE ACTUAL FORMULATION—only the printed claims made on the packaging.  SolRX will continue to manufacture all its sunscreens with the tested and proven WATERBLOCK® system designed to ensure maximum possible water resistance. 

Recently, the 8-hour waterproof claims have disappeared from SolRX’s packaging and labeling in order to comply with the FDA’s Final Rule for OTC Sunscreens.  SolRX’s proven and tested product has remained exactly the same and is still manufactured with the WATERBLOCK® system described above.  For further substantiation of the WATERBLOCK® system’s effectiveness, SolRX has posted several of the AMA Test Results to its website, including its “8-Hour Water Resistance / 6-Hour Immersion Test.”