The 411 on Waterproof Sunscreen

SolRX sport suncreen is waterproof and longer lasting. SolRX has broad spectrum uva and uvb protection

Recently, the Food and Drug Administration ruled that sunscreen products are no longer allowed to claim to be waterproof and could only claim to be water-resistant. The FDA enacted this mandate because many sunscreen formulas that were making a waterproof claim were only “waterproof” for a short amount of time – less than one hour – or would come off of the skin with a towel after getting out of the water.

Sunscreen brands can make a water-resistant claim as long as the SPF (sun protection factor) stays effective after 40 minutes in the water. Therefore, shifting language from waterproof to water-resistant was intended to promote more thorough sun protection, triggering the user to reapply regularly.

SolRX’s WATERBLOCK® system, however, is a step above the rest. An internationally recognized independent lab tested the SolRX WaterBlock® formula and found that its SPF stays effective after 8 hours in the water or while sweating. Because it’s unlikely that a person would be submerged in water for a sequential 8 hour time period, the test was renamed “The 6 Hour Immersion Test” and became the industry standard.

Pretty amazing, right?

Water-resistant formulas are not only crucial for water play, but also for athletes. Sweat is mostly water and, when we perspire, non-water-resistant sunscreens will get washed away. Our WaterBlock® formula adheres to skin cells and actually requires soap and water to be removed within the 8 hours window of application.

We love our product and are always happy to hear stories from customers who are elated that their children were able to avoid a burn while playing in the pool, or triathletes who were able to complete entire races without the product dripping into and burning their eyes.

But don't take our word for it... see what actual SolRX users are saying about our water resistant sport sunscreen.