SolRX is Proud to be a Reef Friendly Sunscreen

SolRX mineral sunscreen is reef friendly and reef safe for swimmers, divers, surfers and triathletes

Protect yourself, or protect nature? A recently released report says that sunscreen is damaging the ocean’s coral reefs, and reducing their ability to deal with climate change.

But you don’t have to choose between taking on dangerous UV rays or keeping the reefs healthy. SolRX is committed to being a reef friendly sunscreen, so that you aren’t doing harm to the natural world when you use them.

Coral Reef Conservation & Reef Friendly Sunscreen

Our fragile and complex coral reef systems are vital to the Earth’s ecosystems. That’s because they support thousands of species of fish, coral, and other creatures that live within them and on and around them. Corals protect land masses by dissipating storms, are a likely place to find compounds that might cure diseases and other conditions, and provide food to more than a billion people on this planet by sheltering so many types of animals.

In addition, coral reefs attract tourism dollars that support local economies. But they are receding - some reports say up to 80 percent of the reefs in the Caribbean are gone, and the numbers keep getting higher. The remaining reefs need to be protected.

Reef Friendly SunscreenReef Friendly Sunscreen’s Role

Around 14,000 tons of sunscreen lotion end up in coral reefs around the world each year. Chemicals inside these non reef friendly sunscreens damage the health of coral, harm developing coral, and “bleach” them by leaching corals of their nutrients. This actually causes them to appear white. Certain active chemicals in sunscreen can also disrupt the development of fish and other types of wildlife. These effects can make corals more vulnerable to temperature changes caused by the warming of the earth, exacerbating the problems of climate change.

How SolRX Makes a Difference

Even small efforts to reduce chemical pollution in the world’s oceans can make a difference to the survival and recovery of coral reefs. In areas where conservation is critical, the use of SolRX can be a good alternative to other sport sunscreens. This is because, although SolRX products are not chemical-free, they have been very thoroughly and strictly tested for water resistance and sun protection by the industry’s leading provider of SPF waterproof testing. We make sure our products stay on the skin, thanks to WATERBLOCK technology; it can only be removed with soap and water.

And, when sunscreen remains on your skin, it’s more effective and it’s not releasing chemicals that will negatively affect ocean life. Our products have been proven to stay on skin for eight hours even when you are constantly submerged in water, providing 97 percent or more of its maximum SPF protection that entire time. This way, our reef friendly sunscreen gives you the best of both worlds; you can protect yourself, and keep coral reefs from being harmed as well.

At SolRX, we’re outdoor enthusiasts just like you. That means we understand that part of enjoying and relishing the outdoors means we need to protect the ecosystems and habitats that make nature so marvelous. That’s why we offer products that protect humans, protect wildlife, and help preserve our environment.